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##Securityfeed: Security RSS 2 IRC


I'd like to share a small project which might come in handy for other infosec people: A bot which posts security related RSS news into an IRC channel. TL;DR

0CTF 2016 Quals writeups


This weekend was 0CTF 2016 Quals and I had fun with two crypto challenges: Equation Ideas for RSA? I have to say that I really liked the 0CTF challenges, although

Sunshine CTF 2016 writeups


This weeked was Sunshine CTF 2016. I didn't spend much time on this CTF, because there were two other CTFs running at the same time. So this blogpost is about

Hacking with LaTeX


In this blogpost I want to outline basic attacks against web based LaTeX compilers. This inspired me to create the Web90 - TexMaker challenge. TexMaker was a simple website where

Boston Key Party CTF 2016 writeups


I participated in the Boston Key Party CTF 2016 and would like to share my solutions for the following challenges with you: Good Morning des ofb Bug Bounty OptiProxy ltseorg